Team Development

Effective teams consist of team members who complement each other optimally in terms of their skills and competencies. This means that diversity is the very thing that makes a team successful. Equally, cooperation needs to be strengthened by a trusted communication / feedback culture in order to give positive shape to the overall relationship dynamics. This is the only way joint collaborations can achieve top performance.
Holistic processes for team development to promote cooperation

Whatever is developed, processed and brought forth as a product or service these days is increasingly the result of joint efforts by several people and, therefore, a team achievement. Cooperation is a key value. Accordingly, it is the joint progression towards a high-performing power team that makes the difference. Team development promotes the improvement of teamwork while increasing performance at the same time.

At the outset of a team development process, we clarify your needs and objectives. This is done by assessing the status quo of the respective team and taking into account your relevant questions or challenges as they stand.

In close consultation with you, we design an integrated team development process or, respectively, event with reference to any structural and/or interpersonal development issues. We have a wide range of methodological settings at our disposal and can implement team development processes in blended learning models with digitized elements such as digital surveys.

What we offer

  • Team identity and development: Common goals and values, gaining an understanding of roles and responsibilities in the team, determining location and development steps as a team, learning to appreciate what cooperation means
  • Intervention in challenging situations: Team debates, detecting and dealing with conflicts, establishing relationship levels and leading discussions
  • Diagnostic instruments: Analysing and understanding behavioural profiles, team roles
  • Shared experiences / team events: Social events and team activities tailored to fit the content and goals of the team development process

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