Whether digital or personal, coaching triggers food for thought. In the search for alternative perspectives and approaches, we support people in their careers and personal development. We help to identify their own particular talents, skills and development potential, thereby strengthening their self-confidence and motivation to expand beyond their horizons.
Personal development through coaching

Our systemic approach ensures that difficulties are not localised in the person, but are considered in the context of the business environment, the people involved and role requirements. Accordingly, the focus is not on difficulties or problems, but on the available resources that will allow for a constructive handling of demanding constellations and facilitate a tangible solution.

In a preliminary discussion, we clarify and scrutinise the need. Appropriate goals will be set out and stipulated in a coaching agreement. We support the people to be coached – either in face-to-face or digital coaching sessions – in attaining their goals. We collect interim feedback at regular intervals throughout the coaching process. Our coaches combine psychological and business skills with several years of leadership or line management experience.

What we offer

  • Executive coaching: Management tasks are changing. Changing leadership paradigms lead to greater complexity. A coaching program supports executives in increasing their effectiveness in the company and in their interactions with associates.
  • Sales coaching: Achieving ever higher “added value” requires ongoing personal development – be it in terms of sales efficiency or in the personal development of the individual. Coaching is an important cornerstone for the continuous improvement of one’s own performance
  • Career coaching: Changing circumstances are an ever-present element of our daily work routine. Opportunities arise in terms of taking on new responsibilities / tasks, career decisions have to be made. Coaching provides a support mechanism in preparing for a future role and in growing into new ones, in reflecting on one’s own behavioural patterns, and in furthering one’s development on an ongoing basis

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