Cicero Gütesiegel

Generic training programs delivering theory-based content do not usually achieve the desired effect. Our passion is devising and implementing subject-specific training programs. In doing so, we are able to guarantee the requisite development of your employees for the long term, enabling them to master the steps from “know-how” to “do-how”.

Parctice-oriented and task-specific, with lasting impact
  • (Cultural) Transformation and Change Management

    Change processes can trigger resistance and uncertainty among employees. At the same time, they enable creative and inventive potential in an organization to be unlocked and deployed to advantage.

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  • Coaching

    Our supportive coaching programs can be tailored to address specific areas of concern for individuals. Avenir’s coaching programs are characterised by clear goals, professional consulting, and a solution-focused as well as resource-oriented ethos.

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  • Leadership Development and Leadership Training Programs

    The form of leadership has to be constantly reassessed due to digitization, globalization and changing business models.

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  • Large Group Events and Workshops

    Large group interventions and workshops are part of a participatory organizational development process. Any corporate serious about wanting to work on its culture or to embed values will adopt a shared responsibility model.

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  • Self-management

    A diversity of roles, scarce resources and a lack of focus can all impact our working and living environments. However, behind this lies the desire for a meaningful, healthy life as well as success, both in a professional and private capacity. Effective self-management is the key to this.

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  • Team Development

    Diversity in teams is what determines success. Top performance can be achieved through a trusted communication and feedback culture coupled with a climate of mutual respect and appreciation.

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  • Sales Development and Sales Training Programs

    Growing market presence and new technologies increase demands on sales staff. It is all the more important for customers to have trusted counterparts who understand their needs and wishes.

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