Avenir has a select pool of qualified and committed HR specialists at its disposal, enabling seamless and smooth bridging of short or long-term bottlenecks in your HR organisation. By outsourcing their HR processes, organisations can focus on their core business and make room for new tasks.

Our HR specialists can support you in your operational HR activities by providing the desired know-how at any time, even at short notice: whether for a limited period, for longer assignments or as part of an outsourcing team on site – and always in a reliable and uncomplicated manner.

Enhancing the flexibility of your HR function, or outsourcing it with Avenir, pays off in so many ways: the HR organisation is free to focus on its core activities, can reduce overheads, turn fixed costs into variable ones, increase process quality or shorten lead times. All this costs no more than before, yet affords additional flexibility and performance.

Concentrate strengths and deploy them optimally
  • Recruiting of HR Professionals

    Source the best qualified HR talents on the market: We fill vacancies in the HR sector on behalf of our customers. Placements are either mandate-based or success-related.

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  • Flexwork / Interim HR Professionals

    The trend towards ad interim assignments and increased flexibility in the workplace continues to grow. For this reason, Avenir has built a Flexwork HR community.

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  • Outsourcing Recruitment

    Kosteneffizient, zuverlässig und mit vollem Committment für Ihr Unternehmen: Avenir unterstützt in Teilprozessen oder übernimmt den gesamten Rekrutierungsprozess.

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  • Outsourcing Employment References

    Outsourcing your reference letters to Avenir eases the burden on your HR department in a targeted and efficient way by delivering personalised references within specified deadlines.

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  • Outsourcing Payroll & HR Administration

    Avenir payroll services: Our customers can count on a reliable and collaborative partner to handle all the administrative work related to payroll processing.

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  • External HR Office

    The modular structure of the external HR office makes it easier for our customers to concentrate on their core business and relieves them of their daily HR workload.

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