With zeugnis.ch, you can take reference letter writing to the next level. Simple, efficient, legally compliant, professional and completely digital.

A completely digitalised and automated reference letter process brings noticeable relief to HR and line managers. With zeugnis.ch, you get a tool that meets the highest standards:

    • High-quality, customisable text modules that are continuously refined
    • Process control using workflows and reminders
    • Tracking of changes in references letters
    • Employees are involved in the entry of tasks and in the reference letter review
    • Storage of the company’s own CI/CD and customised design of templates
    • Industry-specific text modules in 4 languages (G, F, I, E)
    • Integration of reviewers for quality control
    • Creation of different types of references such as final reference letters, interim reference letters, work confirmations, apprenticeship certificates, etc.
    • Automatic transfer of master data from the HR system via interface
    • The option to digitally sign reference letters and store them in the electronic personnel dossier
    • Assistance from a professional and motivated support team by phone, e-mail or chat


And all of this is possible online without installing any software locally (SaaS solution).

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