Virtual Training

The learning methods and content are geared towards organisational challenges, but also towards individual needs. With the AULA collaboration and training platform from Vcomm, you can intelligently combine the hybrid concept of physical and digital training and workshops.

Your field of application:

  • Interactive leadership and sales training with role plays
  • Workshops and brainstorming sessions
  • National and international conferences and meetings
  • Digital large group events and panel discussions
  • Knowledge transfer & initial presentations
  • Customer meetings Team bilding workshops

Your added value / benefit:

  • Promotion of leadership and collaboration at a distance
  • Working from home / mobile workingWorking under quarantine of virtual teams
  • Cross-country and cross-regional project and collaboration
  • Reduction of travelling time / costs
  • Elimination of hotel, seminar and catering costs
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

For a first glimpse, take a look at our short information video.

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